Daft Punk – RAM free Streaming on iTunes! Short Review

That’s right you heard! iTunes is actually letting you have something for free, at least for a little while any way.  Currently iTunes are allowing users to stream Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, and it’s completely free!  This is an uncharacteristic and welcome change from the usual marketing approach of not only iTunes but artists in general.  The amount of hype and anticipation that has been built around this album is down to the initial free streaming release of “get Lucky” featuring Pharell Williams on Spotify.  Ever since then the talk has been non-stop Daft Punk.

Enough about the marketing though, what’s more important is how it sounds! Well you would expect it to be well produced and polished due to the sheer amount of resources they had at their disposal and in that respect you won’t be disappointed.  What I wasn’t expecting was the relative down-tempo feel to the album.  If you are expecting the punchy beats and meticulous sampling of Discovery you are in for a surprise.  RAM is described best by Pharrell Williams himself who said “…it’s like if the 70’s happened on a different planet.”  It really has this amazing tone of warm analogue familiarity to it and I instantly felt at home listening to it.

Plenty of vocoded vocals, synths blended beautifully with organs, Rhodes and full orchestral sections that seem to come straight out of Abbey Road (and lets face it they probably did!) I love how Instruments were chosen not because of popularity but because of how they fit.  I honestly cant do this it any justice by talking about it, you have to listen to it to appreciate the time and effort and musicianship that just pours out of this album. personal favourite tracks so far are: Giorgio By Moroder, Fragments Of Time and Contact for its build which just goes on and on!

Well played Daft Punk. Yet again you’ve blown me away, and I never expected anything less.





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