Tomorrow’s Harvest. Boards Of Canada’s Long Awaited Return

2013 is shaping up to be a landmark year for electronic music.

First Daft Punk announce their new album, Random Access Memories,  and now the legends that are Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin, collectively  known as Boards of Canada, are due to release a new album titled Tomorrow’s Harvest on the 10th of June.

The album will also be available via live stream on their website on Monday 3rd June 21:00 GMT to correspond with the Japanese launch.

I’ve been listening to Daft Punk, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and SBTRKT a lot recently. I really enjoy their work but I was beginning to feel that I was missing ambience and dissonance in music.  While Boards of Canada’s music is not all that dissonant it definitely has an unsettling feel about it sometimes (if you need a glaring example listen to The Devil Is In The Details on Geogaddi).  Music effects everyone in different ways but BOC’s music is a crucial piece of my musical identity. I had just begun to feel as though I was forgetting that music doesn’t always have to be about being punchy and loud it’s also about being meaningful  and engaging.

The media hype has again been really interesting.  As with Daft Punk some new ideas have been used to market the album and BOC have taken it one step further.  They created an alternate reality game which asked for a passcode. After scavenging through various websites and checking out announcements through other media channels the  passcode was revealed.  Typing this passcode into BOC’s website  showed a video introducing the band’s new album and the launch date.

It’s just this kind of smart advertising and innovative thinking that puts these artists where they are.  It’s not an accident it’s simple raw talent and a flare for the unusual and exciting. I cannot wait to hear it!



5 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Harvest. Boards Of Canada’s Long Awaited Return

  1. Did you catch the stream then? I only went and fecking missed it tonight after adding it in on my post yesterday (after spotting it on yours)!! Typical. I hope it is as good as I’m expecting….

    • I set a reminder on my phone with an alarm and stills managed to forget. It was about 10 minutes in when I remembered, but the site must have been flooded. It just wouldn’t load! So annoying. I’ll just have to wait like every one else!

      • Phew, not for what happened to you (equally unlucky) but as the site was bunged up it all would have been a nightmare anyway. Luckily my local record shop might be getting it Thursday so I should be able to twist their arm for it then. [Thinks: I only have to stay alive for the next 48 hrs].
        Ps – cheers for the ‘follow’ x


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