Oxblood & Co. Kickstarter

oxbloodThis is just a quick blog to ask you all to check out my friend’s Kickstarter, Oxblood & Co.  At the moment they are asking for £1,200 to release their first range of t-shirts which will feature three hand drawn phrases inspired by the ocean, mixed with a little vintage lettering. The video is worth a watch and the music is amazing! (wink wink)

Today I find that there’s simply not enough people that really care about the art of detail.  When I run a snare sound through a compressor then back into the mix I never say “close enough”.  That’s not how the game works for me.  I’ll tweak and compare and adjust until it’s just right.  You could argue that it wastes time and impacts on creativity but my argument is this;  if I know I haven’t spent the time on every detail I will never be happy with the final outcome.  You can be the most creative person in the world but if you hate everything you create then it’s all for nothing.  This is what I like most about Oxblood & Co.  Who goes to the effort to make a swing tag using a letterpress machine any more?  Only people who will agonise over intricacies until they are just right.

When Adam at Oxblood & Co. asked me to right a short piece for the Kickstarter campaign, I leapt at the chance.  It was clear right from the get-go that we were on the same page when it came to creative strategies and after a few design meetings (text messages), some long nights and a few drafts, we managed to get something that I think works pretty well.

Finally apologies for the lack of activity recently.  I’ve been working a lot and really haven’t had time to blog.  Then a friend set up a new Minecraft server and my life disappeared before my eyes.  Anyway now the novelty of new Minecraft servers and other life events have worn off I can hopefully get back to some good old fashioned ranting!



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