Oxblood & Co Hand Lettered Apparel

Oxblood & Co Hand Lettered Apparel. oxblood and co is looking great! really excited to see these t-shirts when they land!


Oxblood & Co. Kickstarter

oxbloodThis is just a quick blog to ask you all to check out my friend’s Kickstarter, Oxblood & Co.  At the moment they are asking for £1,200 to release their first range of t-shirts which will feature three hand drawn phrases inspired by the ocean, mixed with a little vintage lettering. The video is worth a watch and the music is amazing! (wink wink) Continue reading

Microsoft IllumiRoom: The Most Excited I’ve been EVER…today

This video speaks for itself, I’m not going to blather on about what I think the possibilities of this are and how audio could integrate into this but you can imagine. Just watch the video, share it with everyone you know and try not to soil yourself!




Why Good Music Isn’t “Dead” (and why electronic music is actually really good)

pretty musch exactly what I’ve just been saying

The Liberal Arts in Singapore

Daft+Punk+fulltronsuitsBy Melody Madhavan, Yale-NUS ’17

If you watch any older band’s youtube videos, the comments will invariably be along the lines of “this is so much better than the electronic noise made by the younger generation”. Among the older generation, there has been this perception that music from the past is “good”, while music produced now is just “ambulance siren sounds” (yes, I’m looking at you, dubstep).

It’s a pity how electronic music, a genre that’s fresh and experimental, has been constantly side-lined by people I refer to as “classicists”. They cite complex guitar riffs, meaningful lyrics and dynamic live performances as substantiation for the quality of classic songs, and then they attempt to contrast it to the “inferior”, repetitive beats and mundane lyrics that accompany electronic music.

I, of course, beg to differ – and I’ll do so with examples!

I do think that the guitar solo in Pink…

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